A note from our MD Sarah Grace

Posted to Uncategorised on Fri, 05 Jun, 2020

My eldest daughter has gone back to school this week and she has literally skipped out the door every morning.  She is always such a little ray of sunshine but absolutely made my day today as I have come downstairs to find this lovely note from her.

Working from home with 2 children to look after and home school, whilst trying to protect my staff and business in a time of huge uncertainty has been a massive challenge!  I have drank more than I should have, not slept as much as I would have liked, cut my own hair with the kitchen scissors and felt like I was losing my mind on more than one occasion.  Little things can made the most difference.

Today is a good day.  Be kind, help others, share ideas, cherish your loved ones and keep going.  Feeling the love this morning people.