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Overall control of the tax department will rest with the Senior Tax Manager. You will however be allocated other members of staff to manage and you will be their first point of contact when dealing with any problems on jobs. Any issues which you are unable to successfully deal with can then be passed to the Senior Tax Manager but you will be expected to liaise and work with the other tax managers in an attempt to resolve issues where possible.

General Queries
You will be expected to take calls from clients relating to general queries. You should only give answers you are sure of and inform directors as necessary. If you do not know the answer you will be expected to find the answer by research and/or discussions with the other tax managers/ senior tax manager and directors. You will also provide Ad-Hoc Corporate Advisory advice under the direction of the Corporate Tax Director.

For all parties to benefit from the role you must be proactive in working with the tax department and the directors. You will be expected to be the clients’ first point of call after the Directors. This will require you to understand the roles Directors undertake for clients. You must delegate as much of your work to members of the department as possible.
It is expected that you will constantly be looking for opportunities to provide the client with additional services and as necessary you will be expected to prepare and/or review tax reports for clients. Fees for ad hoc work should be agreed in advance with clients.

Time Control
You will be expected to monitor the time staff are taking on jobs. You are to inform the Director if a job will not be completed by the expected time giving reasons where appropriate.
You should consider the impact on the fee of extra work being undertaken.
You should monitor VVIP on jobs allocated to you and ensure bills are issued in accordance with the normal billing cycle for the client. Ad hoc work should be billed as soon as possible unless otherwise agreed with the client to bill as part of the normal cycle.

Client contact
You will be expected to have greater client contact and therefore must give the correct professional image of the firm at all times.
You will be expected to look for opportunities to provide additional services to clients and be proactive with the advice we provide clients.

Communication is the most important part of the job. You must ensure that proper communication is maintained between you and the clients and also between members of the Tax Department. You should also ensure that relevant information is shared with other departments and the directors as necessary.

Previous tax experience in a chartered accountancy practice
Previous supervisory experience
Relevant tax qualifications
Good education including Maths and English


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