Amina – Candidate

Posted to on Tue, 10 Oct, 2017

After I lost my job with my previous employer I wasn’t sure where to start and was completely lost, so I uploaded my CV to every site available, then soon enough I got a call from Aimee. At first I was hesitant thinking what bogus position is she going to put to me! But she had actually taken the time and consideration to read my CV and found a job that matched exactly what I was looking for. Aimee helped me from then on every step towards getting a job, she was supportive, gave me mock interviews, advise where needed and helped boost my confidence! All this from a stranger who probably felt she was just doing her job, but did so much more and I cannot thank her enough! All I can say is Aimee is a kind and compassionate person who helped me get  the brilliant position I’m in today and I wish her the very best of luck for the future.